J.P. Hospitality.EU and associated partners are an innovative Hotel/Resort and Services Company.
High Transparency, Respect to all Partners, Customers and Society.
This is our attitude, our motto and the BLEU WAVE we want to transmit to Investors, Developers, Owners, Shareholders and Management Companies.
We’re here to embrace your challenges as ours, and make your dreams come true offering our diverse professional and dedicated services

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We Offer a range of hotel / motel and hospitality services, personalized and adapted to each situation on the following Areas on freelancing or consultancies


Asset Management

Hotel Budgeting – Planning, Support & Reviews from Pre – Opening Onwards

Strategic F.F & E (Furniture, fixtures, and equ ipment) Planning or Review and follow up

Architecture and interior design concept

Project Review, Management & Assistance

Media / Public Relations

Review ( Legal and Operative ) of Management proposal letter and contracts

Operator (Hotel brands) Selection / Recommendations

Legal Reviews & Consultancy

Project & Refurbishment Services